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Ita Daly


Born Co. Leitrim, in the west of Ireland, Ita Daly took her degree in English and Spanish at University College, Dublin, where she also did post-graduate work in English. She taught for eleven years until the birth of her daughter in 1979.

Her short stories have appeared in Irish, British and US magazines and anthologies, including the Penguin Book of Irish Short Stories, and a collection, The Lady with the Red Shoes, was published by Poolbeg Press in 1980. Twice a winner of a Hennessy Literary Award, she has also won an Irish Times Short Story Competition.

Her first novel, Ellen was published in 1986 by Jonathan Cape (and later, in paperback by Black Swan). A Singular Attraction, her second novel, followed a year later. Her third, Dangerous Fictions, was published by Bloomsbury in hardcover and paperback; as was All Fall Down. Unholy Ghosts, a dramatic story of memory and identity, was published by Bloomsbury in 1996. Oxford University Press have published her beautifully presented Irish Myths and Legends and she is working on another novel.


Ali Lewis



Irish Myths & Legends

Here are stories of magic and enchantment, full of kings, fairies and heroes. You'll meet the Children of Lir who were turned into beautiful white swans, Deirdre who ran away rather than marry the king, and the savage and merciless King Balor and his Evil Eye.

Hardback: Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-274534-4


Irish Myths & Legends

Dangerous Fictions

The chilly grandeur of their tall Georgian house seemed to eexemplify the person Martina had become. After twenty years of marriage, could she not behave more naturally? While her husband Robert preferred a cosy fire in the basement, Martina's decorous, mannered figure was acting out a dangerous fiction on the floors above.

Paperback: Bloomsbury
ISBN 0-7475-0715-5


Dangerous Fictions

All Fall Down

PJ was an affable, curly-haired giant of a man. He cheered people up, brought with him from the street a whiff of excitement, and although he had rehoused Dublin's poor in shoddy new suburbs that crumbled dangerously round their ears, no scandal ever stuck to him. But he had his hands full already with his wife, unfulfilled at fifty with his precious daughter and with Aube, his architect son who scowled unlovably in the shadow of his father.

Paperback: Bloomsbury
ISBN 0-7475-1627-8


All Fall Down

Unholy Ghosts

"Ita Daly domesticates the great historical events of the mid-20th century without in any way diminishing them, while creating an unforgettable portrait of tortured adolescence."
Michael Arditti, Books of the Year, Independent



A Singular Attraction

"Witty, gracefully written"
Penelope Fitzgerald, London Review of Books




"A first novel that is formidably subtle and fluent"
Gillian Somerville-Large, The Irish Times



The Lady With the Red Shoes

"Ita Daly depicts in an exciting way the rural roots which lie coiled and congealed under the urban vegetation..."
Paul Durcan



Candy on the Dart

Ita Daly is well-known as a novelist and short-story writer. This is her first book for children.



Candy and Sharon Olé

The irrepressible duo are back!