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Frequently Asked Questions


What does a literary agency do?

Agents are the author's representatives: we are responsible for the commercial exploitation of the author's work in any form. We offer editorial help if needed, then acting on behalf of our clients we sell the licences to publish in print, audio and digital form in the UK. At Christine Green Authors' Agent, we usually also look after the sale of US and world rights, including translation and film rights, dealing directly with American publishers and working with co-agents in other territories.


Why is it necessary to have a literary agent?

Many authors prefer to leave the business of finding and dealing with publishers in the hands of their agents. Today, as the digital world changes the business models in publishing, and as there are increasing assaults on the very idea of copyright protection, it is more than ever vital to have someone looking after and protecting an author's work. We will also offer editorial support in order to help the author fine tune their manuscripts before they are presented to a publisher.


What sort of writing are you looking for?

We are always looking for new talent. We focus on fiction, both adult and YA, literary and commercial, and are happy to consider general non-fiction. We are looking for strong voices and stories with tangible tension.


How do I submit my work?

Please see our Submissions page.


Do I need to have finished my book before I contact you?

It doesn't need to be absolutely polished and honed but we usually prefer to know that at least a full draft is available to read.


What should I write in my covering letter?

Keep it short! We need a brief description of the work you are writing and a little bit of background about you. Do let us know if there's a particular reason you think your work would be a good fit with our list.


How long should my synopsis be?

Again, it's a good idea to keep it brief. We're after an overview of the book, not a scene-by-scene breakdown. You'll want to tell us about the main characters and give an idea of the structure.


Do you charge a reading fee?

No. As members of the Association of Authors' Agents we do not charge a reading fee.


How long will it take you to reply?

It may take a month or more for us to respond. That seems like an unconscionable time, but we receive between fifty and a hundred submissions every week and with the best will in the world, sometimes there is a backlog.


Will you give me feedback?

Sadly we can't do editorial reports for every submission we receive; but there are editorial consultancies which will do so for a fee. We are not in a position to recommend any one of the many, but in the past we have dealt with:


Can I meet you before submitting my work?

Sadly not. If we like your writing, then we'll happily set up a meeting, but we'll want to see the material first.


Can I send my novels to other agencies at the same time?

Yes, although please mention it in your letter.


What commission do you charge?

We charge a commission of 15% on sales to publishers in the UK; 20% on overseas sales made directly or with co-agents, and on the sale of film or TV rights.


Will you return my manuscript to me?

If you would like your work to be returned, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope; if no postage is enclosed, we will assume you wish your material to be recyled.


Do you consider self-published books?

Providing they meet our other criteria, yes, indeed.